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Your Event Management Specialist

Event Planning Options

Full Event Planning

Bellamy Central prides itself on tailoring each event to meet the necessary requirements from beginning to end, while introducing an element of uniqueness that will surpass your expectations.

There is no stress, no fuss, just a calm working environment from which the best results are produced, no matter the size of the budget or whether all or part of the event organisation is required. Bellamy Central is here to help.

Partial Event Planning

There is not always enough time to prepare all aspects of an event, but it is important to get it just right. So why not contact Bellamy Central to organise part of your event for you, leaving you to take care of the rest.

Some partial event planning requirements are

  • equipment hire
  • venue research
  • room dressing
  • table setting

Bellamy Central can also offer assistance with

  • transport
  • wait, door or bar staff
  • security
  • catering
  • and much more..

Why not give us a call or send us an e-mail to request a free, no obligation, 1 hour consultation.