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The Met Gala 2016 – Event Managers London

The Met Gala 2016 – Event Managers London

The Met Gala 2016 – Event Managers London

Ah the Met Gala – Co-chaired by Wintour, Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, and Apple’s chief design officer, Jonathan Ive, is an event where a theme is set and more often than not followed. The main focus of the event? To mark the grand opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts’  opening of the Costume Institutes’ annual fashion exhibit.

Beautiful outfits hit headlines this week as the Met Gala was underway, with a theme of ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in the age of Technology’.

From LED gowns to futuristic head gear, nothing was left unseen! Many stars made an appearance and some made bigger impressions than others. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared wearing matching silver outfits, as well as Kanye wearing blue contacts and won ‘Best Dressed Couple’. Silver proved to be a ‘futuristic’ colour this year as many celebrities went with the safe option and wore silver; except the very bold Lady Gaga – as always! The Princess of Pop turned up to the Met Gala with over-the-top bottle blonde hair, fishnets, a metallic bodice and matching jacket, and crazy platform stilettos. The Kardashian sisters also made an appearance, all wearing silver mosaic designs – again, playing it safe.

It seemed, though, that many stars did not follow the theme at all and social media users made this clear! Beyonce and Taylor Swift were mocked all over Twitter due to their choice of outfit and were questioned upon following the theme at all. Beyonce wore a latex Givency gown laced with real pearls whilst Taylor wore a silver gown and has been compared to a fish’s scales. Not a good choice, ladies! Zayn Malik also appeared wearing a tux with bionic metal arms  accompanied by supermodel girlfriend Gigi Hadid who wore a simple blue dress. Very, um, futuristic.

Overall, the Met Gala proved to be a successful event full to the brim with named brands, although it seemed as though many celebrities forgot what a smile is as they continue to work on those intense stares. Oh well, there’s always next year!

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