Venue Search London

Whatever the event, preparations cannot begin until the venue has been found. And if you do not have a venue in mind, the search can be pretty daunting. Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect setting for your event:

Cost – how much are you willing to spend for this all important venue?

Location – the more you can narrow down where the event will take place, the better. If you focus your search on London, instead of say Southgate in London, then you will have quite a search on your hands!

Availability – hopefully you know the date, so make sure the space is available.

Requirements – Make a list of questions to ask the venue’s guest services. For example,

  • what is the maximum capacity (to accommodate your guests or clients)?
  • what level is it on? if it is not on the ground floor is there a lift available?
  • is car parking available?
  • is there access to the kitchen (for your own caterer)?
  • does it have a late licence so that you can party on into the wee hours?

Compromise – you may not get all the requirements you want under one roof, so make sure you know which ones you are willing to compromise on.

Happy searching..!


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