Health & Wellbeing: Aromatherapy and its benefits

When it comes to treating anxiety and depression, aromatherapy has been a time tested remedy, its healing benefits have been recognised by many cultures for centuries. Many studies have attested to the positive effects and the increasing popularity of variations of aromatherapy products. Sales on diffusers and essential oils appear to be at an all time high. This holistic healing treatment can easily be incorporated into your daily routine; especially with brands who take the extra steps out of setting up an essential oil diffuser! Aromatherapy candles as an alternative to essential oil diffusers are an efficient and effective health & wellbeing must have. The minimised packaging and plastics in comparison to diffusers make these candles practical and sustainable. Bellamy Central is overjoyed to welcome Whirl, the independent business owner of WOW Aromatherapy, to our Evergreen Health & Wellbeing Fayre this May!

We asked Whirl some questions to help you learn more about her products and business before the Evergreen Fayre event.

What began your interest in Health & Wellbeing practices and products?

By profession I am a physiotherapist so I always had my interests in health and fitness. However, my interest sprung up in wellbeing when I was suffered with postpartum depression and anxiety last year. I battled depression for 6 months until I could finally find solace in my space with lit lavender candles.

Why did you decide to begin making your own aromatherapy candles? 

I found candle making very therapeutic and helped keep my mind active and on track. That began the evolution of WOW aromatherapy candles in August 2022.

What do you believe is the impact of your products/services on Health & Wellbeing?

Aromatherapy is a blend of natural essential oils which are therapeutic and help promote relaxation and healing. Only soy wax and cruelty free essential fragrance oils are used, so no harmful toxins are produced. These measures give us an edge over the rest of the candle industry. I have found that through my journey aromatherapy has been a lifesaver. I want this healing to be shared through my candles and reach out to as many people as it can. I’m grateful to those who have already bought our candles and found them comforting and healing. I have also received some amazing reviews that keep me motivated to continue my journey.

WOW Aromatherapy’s sleek, minimalistic products are an amazing entryway to aromatherapy and anxiety relief. In addition to their natural ingredients they are handmade with care and consideration for the health & wellbeing of customers! To support WOW Aromatherapy and have the opportunity to check out her products for yourself, be sure to book your FREE ticket to the Evergreen Health & Wellbeing Fayre coming to the Waltham Forest Community Hub on May 7th 2023.

To learn more about the effects of aromatherapy check out the link below where Dr Tracey Marks details the health benefits of aromatherapy practices.

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