Indian Head Massage at the Evergreen Fayre

Massage has been incorporated into western culture to promote relaxation. But did you know massage practices can be beneficial to your health & wellbeing in biological ways? Indian head massage is an ancient Indian practice used to reduce stress and promote the physical health of the body. The therapy focuses on the head, neck, upper back and arms, face and shoulders. 

This massage practice increases blood flow to the scalp which has an array of physical benefits. Massage promotes the flow of oxygen. This has been said to help with mental fatigue and improve concentration. The massage technique in this area also Increases what is known as lymphatic flow. Consequently this enables toxins to leave the body. Other benefits of the practice include: relief of tension headache, migraine, eyestrain, ear ache, tinnitus, insomnia, sinusitis congestion, neck and shoulder stiffness as well as promoting hair growth.

Holistic benefits

The holistic benefits of Indian head massage are an interesting aspect of this therapy. The results include the balancing of chakra energy, release of stagnant energy; boosting available energy on all levels and a sense of calm, peace and tranquility. This therapy is unlike other forms of massage. The direct interaction with the crown chakra which occurs in Indian head massage promotes wisdom, unity and self knowledge. The experience can be elevated by essential oils which can be incorporated into the process. A brilliant addition to your health & wellbeing regimen!

During Indian head massage there is no need to undress. As a result the therapy can take place efficiently and in a non invasive fashion. This makes it a perfect addition to the wide range of services which will be available at the Evergreen Health & Wellbeing Fayre. Masseuse Kim Singh will be present to provide therapy treatments and information.

Here’s what Kim Singh had to say about his practice

I came to realise that my parents had a vast knowledge of massage and pressure point techniques.  They had never studied massage however, I came to know that this was generational knowledge passed down through the family. Massage was always something my parents naturally did when my siblings and I were ill or in need of some sort of comforting.

I have been practicing Indian Head Massage and treating people for over 30 years. I have always been compassionate towards helping people improve their health and general well-being. 

Additionally I will say, I believe I was guided to become a therapist, to help people.  I think we sometimes, are deprived of and crave human touch.  Even that little touch on the shoulder can have a huge healing affect. Children stumble and hurt themselves, just that gentle rub on that area with a little reassurance will stop them crying. It is that healing an act.

My Indian Head Massage therapy is rooted in the tradition Champi (Head massage). I feel privileged to have been taught by the late Narendra Mehta, who brought these traditional techniques to this country. This therapy is something that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

To experience the benefits of Kim Singh’s practice for yourself grab your free ticket to the Evergreen Health & Wellbeing Fayre here !

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